Sagittarius Traits

A Sagittarius is scholarly, genuine, true and thoughtful. Sagittarius is portrayed by positive thinking, unobtrusiveness and amiableness. It’s a compassionate and go-getter sign. They like opportunity, travel, laws, experience. On the drawback, Sagittarius are so idealistic now and again that they become untrustworthy. They can be shallow, imprudent and eager. They don’t care to feel attached to a circumstance or need to stress over subtleties.

Portrayal of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is one of the most positive signs of the zodiac. They are versatile and love adventure and the unknown. They are open-minded to new ideas and experiences and maintain an optimistic attitude even when things get tough on them. They are reliable, honest, good and sincere and willing to fight for good causes at all cost. Sagittarius often believe in ethics and like to follow the rites of religion, a political party, or an organization. This can lead them to have certain superstitious tendencies sometimes. They love to embrace new projects and learn about new things. They are intuitive and good organizers and, although generous, they are also very careful, which makes them good managers of situations and projects.