Leo Characteristics

  Leo: imaginative quality, force and feeling Mentally Leo tries to intrigue and be innovative. This is the thing that interests him most: to accomplish something that he has made, and for others to esteem and remember him. Sincerely he handles show like nobody else, and realizes how to overstate enthusiastic responses. The issue that the individual can have with numerous planets and vitality in the sign Leo (Sun, Moon, Ascendant…) is to fall into the reliance of hanging tight for a reaction or input of the earth — and obviously it is acceptable!– each time he makes a move. Here Leo stops to possess himself and “is detained” by the picture he makes to be appreciated. In this circumstance, Leo is helpless before others, so sentiments of mediocrity create inside him, which he will undoubtedly need to remunerate through pride or pride (safeguard components). In any case, a “worked” Leo, who has experienced the vital emergencies that need to pass the fixed and fire signs, and has acknowledged that he isn’t the focal point of the world, will sparkle like the Sun and transmit a warm vitality to his condition that will cause him to be—without looking for him—the ruler.