Cancer Characteristics

The Cancer zodiac sign is all pleasantness and fruitfulness. It’s the indication of gentility and parenthood. It is the sign related with incubation, bosom milk, the uterus and thusly the house, the home that is the place where Cancer gets its quality: when the crab is terrified, it covers up inside its shell. He is additionally aloof, open and delicate, connected to his family, consistently attached to the past, to youth, to his recollections, he thinks that its exceptionally hard to cut the umbilical rope with its roots and frequently neglects to do as such, on the grounds that it wants to stick to the wellbeing of the past. Cancer growth is likewise described by its precarious, eager humor and a nonstop shift between snapshots of contemplation and bliss. Powerless and entirely helpless. On the off chance that Cancer is harmed, it promptly secures itself. He takes shelter in dream to maintain a strategic distance from the issues that tolerant reality involves.